Eye of Horus Series

Horus is the god of the sky (sun), depicted as hawk-headed according to the ancient Egyptian religion. It is said to be reborn every morning to bring abundance and light to the earth. The eye of Horus is the name given to Horus’ left eye, which is also called the “Moon eye” in ancient Egyptian depictions.

The eye of Horus, in a spiritual sense, symbolizes the keen gaze of this merciless judge, who does not miss anything from the eyes of conscience, every intention of man in the inner world and every behavior in life. This is the eye of the conscience that remains open for 24 hours.

Therefore, the Sun and the Moon are expressed as the eyes of Horus. Because both the Sun and the Moon are on duty, they are not missing over the day and night, like the eyes of Horus that are open 24 hours a day. (For this reason, the eye of Horus is also referred to as the eye of Ra, represented by the sun.)

For some people, this eye associated with the brain is the Third Eye in man. Third Eye: Also known as our inner eye, it is one of the 7 chakras. It is an eye that is said to be able to perceive things that our eyes cannot see.

As it is believed to have healing and protective powers, it was also carried on the body by the Egyptians as a charm or a tattoo.

It consists of six pieces and each piece has values from 1/2 to 1/64. The whole of the eye is called a “heqat”.

The five parts of the eye also represent five senses, and the part above the eye represents thought.



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